the taste of Romagna Region
expertly distilled and enclosed
in our fresh and lively gin

our botanics

Primo Gin is artisanal and does not contain artificial colourings or preservatives and it is made up of 100% natural flavourings. The strong and rich taste lingers in the mouth pleasurably, and persists nicely.
It is a gin of great power and harmonious balance in its aromatic flavours.

The botanicals used in Primo Gin are: lemon verbena, “santolina cenere” and lavender, which are exclusively grown in Romagna, fused with Tuscan juniper. After around 24 Hours of infusion, the whole batch goes through a discontinuous copper still distillation The botanical notes are increased by the peculiar taste of sweet salt from Cervia’s sea, which is added just after the distillation.
Just like in cooking salt enhances the flavour of every dish, Romagna salt lifts the botanicals used in this unique gin. The whole process is checked by Master Distiller Carlo Quagli who makes sure to get a distinctive product.

Nose: classic juniper flavour with light lavender and citrus notes.
Palate: juniper, lavender and citrus notes. “Santolina cenere” enhances juniper with its bitter notes. All these flavours are enhanced by the light saltiness.


Sweet Salt from Romagna



Mildly bitter and resinous flavour with a strong balsamic note.


Santolina Cenere

Mildly bitter and intense flavour with digestive properties.


Lemon Verbena

Distinctive flavours of citrus notes.



Distinct floral notes.

our story

That passion for gin began six years ago, when Federico Lugaresi opened his bar in central Cesena, called “Osteria Cenè”, a meeting place, serving charcuterie and cheese boards along with bruschettas, good wine, beers and cocktails. But what stands out the most is the selection of gins that are served in this place . Federico had always been fascinated by serving his own gin in his bar, to the point that his dream became a necessity. One fine day, together with his partner Gianluca Renzi, he finally decided to fulfil his dream.

They had clear ideas: the gin had to be the first gin from the Romagna region and to have a strong, friendly and lively taste, just like Romagna.
And so was born the idea of using the taste of the Romagna sea salt. Primo Gin is excellent either with tonic or in cocktails. Just like in cooking, salt enhances the flavour of every dish, Primo Gin enhances all the flavours in cocktails.
The salt from Romagna is added to water, with which the gin is brought to the required ABV strength; and so Primo gin was born.

After so much hard work, all that is needed is to toast with a very fresh gin and tonic, obviously using Primo Gin! If you want to know more, here is our interview on

"All those moments will be lost in time like tears in Gin Tonic"

(F. Lugaresi)

Drink Primo Gin!

(G. Renzi)